Community Groups

Through a network of Community Groups, we seek to be visible expressions of a new generation. We meet in homes for the purpose of creating new friendships, growing closer to God, and study of the scriptures.

Be a part of one our community groups:

Our community groups seek having the following characteristics:

  • An accepting community that reflects the grace we’ve been given from Christ.
  • A holy community that urges one another to live God-pleasing lives.
  • A truth-telling community that is free to repent through the gospel.
  • An encouraging community that builds one another up
  • A sacrificially generous community that spends its life and wealth on the needs of others.
  • A suffering community that loves and forgives others even when it harms us.


Eastern Community Group:

Meeting at the Hughes' home at 7:00 PM. Next meeting March 11

Central Community Group 1:

Meeting at the Reese's home at 6:00 PM. - 

Central Community  Group 2:

Meeting at the McCluskie's home at 5:30 PM. Next meeting March 11.

Men's Ministry:

The men's group meets each Friday morning at Fika Coffee House at 6:30-7:30.

Women's Ministry:

The women's ministry meets at the Reese's home each Tuesday morning at  9:30-11:00.