Christopher Gino Dean

For the past few years as a songwriting exercise, I’ve been going through Spurgeon’s Own Hymnal, seeking out lyrics and themes to create original hymns to be used in the church for congregational worship. 

I’ve never had any predetermined plans for the songs, though we have sung one of them before in our church - but recently I’ve received an opportunity to spend some time in Nashville with a long time friend and several professional studio musicians to bring these songs to life. 

This is an unexpected opportunity, and the way in which God has arranged the circumstances and timing for this project to happen - it’s clear that He has plans for these songs to be heard and sung by those beyond my living room - and I’m excited to see what this looks like!

Partnering in "Chase Your Fears Away"

The Challenge

Making music is expensive - from studio time to hiring musicians, producers & engineers, mixing, mastering, marketing, distribution, etc, and I’m seeking partnerships to help me fund the cost of making the record.


I can't do this alone and want this to be a joint effort of believers desiring to bring Christ-centered and congregational friendly songs to the church.

Therefore I am asking for your help in making this project a reality.

To become a partner, just click the title above. The fundraiser will run through June 27.

Thanks for becoming a partner with me in this project!